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Recycling plastic drums, IBC`s and Totes


Rotajet plastic container recycling systems


Recycling plastic drums and IBC`s

Rotajet Systems Limited manufacture fully integrated systems size reduction, washing, drying and bagging off systems for processing plastic drums and IBC / Tote containers. When plastics drums and IBC`s can no longer be reused, they are normally destroyed by shredding the resulting plastic is then processed and manufactured into clean dry HDPE granulate.

The spent IBC`s and drums require shredding down to <50mm before processing in Rotajet plastic washing and plastic separation machinery.  Depending on throughput requirements, there are a number of shredding options, single shaft, twin shaft or four shafts. Depending on the nature of the chemical that are still present in the drums and IBC`s the containers may need to be prewashed in a Rotajet combined drum and IBC washer or a dedicated IBC or Drum washer, prior to shredding. We would recommend that a onsite chemist prioritise and segregate the containers to be processed, and whether the containers need to be prewashed due to the nature of chemicals present in the containers.
All must be carried out in accordance with local waste regulations, and appropriate licences in place. For further information regarding the requirements please visit:-

For information regarding washing drums and washing IBC and Totes for reuse, please visit our dedicated site.

Rotajet infeed conveyor   Rotajet RDW25 IBC and drum recycling system

Washing shredded drums and IBC`s:

The Rotajet RDW Rotatory washing machine is a Rotating Archimedes drum, the contaminated shredded plastic are fed into the machine via. Infeed conveyor fitted with magnet separation. The Rotajet RDW plastic washer is fitted with a wash and rinse section, the shredded plastic is transferred through the drum and is initially washed with a heated  1% caustic solution at 65-70oC, the caustic ensures that any residual chemicals, oils or grease is removed from the shredded plastics. The washed plastics are then transferred into the rinsing section in which the plastic is rinsed with water to ensure all chemical residues are removed. The Rotajet RDW washers are available from the RDW25 which process upto 250 kilos per hour depending on the being processed, upto the RDW75 which processes upto 3000 kilos per hour. For higher throughput applications we would recommend that Rotajet screw conveyor washers. All RDW systems are fitted with integral sumps and all wash and rinse liquids are filtered prior to reuse, this maximum working life of the wash and rinse solutions.

Rotajet RDW25 plastic washer   Rotajet RDW25 plastic washing machine

Drying shredded plastics:

The washed shredded plastics are fed via, Rotajet flighted incline conveyor, into the Rotajet RDW plastic dryer. The RDW system uses a rotating Archimedes drum to transfer the plastic through the dryer, the dryer is fitted with a high volume hot air blower, the used hot air is recirculated for resuse, and this ensures an operating temperature is achieved in a short cycle time.

Rotajet RDD25 plastic thermal dryer

Granulation of the washed dried shredded plastics:

Wet Granulator 
The cleaned washed and dried, plastics are fed into a granulator for final size reduction. The granulator is typically fitted with a 12mm screen. The granulated plastics are blown from the granulator into a Rotajet double bagging station fitted with a deduster. The bagged material is then sold.

Rotajet plastic granulator and bagging station